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How To Transfer To A California University From A California Community College

Figuring out how to transfer from a California Community College to a top California university can be a difficult task. Luckily, with the right knowledge and preparation you can transfer to the university of their dreams. There are three important topics that need to be understood before registering for your first classes at a California Community College: IGETC, choosing a major, and university application requirements.

The first issue that is important to understand is choosing your major. Before even registering for classes you need to have a general idea of what your major is going to be. Many issues regarding General Education requirements, personal statements, and volunteering all become enhanced and better understood by deciding what you would like to major in. For example, if you decide you want a high unit major like engineering or computer science, you will know to focus more on math and physics classes while in community college as opposed to your general education requirements.

Now that you have decided what you will major in, the next crucial topic to understand is the IGETC. IGETC is a set of lower division classes that can be taken at a community college that will satisfy all the general education requirements. Most universities, especially the UC systems, won't allow you to transfer unless all or most of the IGETC is completed. It is important to note, if your major is a high unit major, most of the time the university will not look for the IGETC, but instead will look at how many classes you have finished within your major.

Finally the last topic you have to grasp is the university application requirements. Decide as early as possible what university you would like to transfer to and look at their requirements. Many times they will require a personal statement, relative volunteer experience, etc. Again if you have already chosen your major and volunteered or worked in a field relative to your major, then finishing the application will be much easier. For example, if you are a music major, you can make your personal statement about how you volunteered your time playing in the community chamber ensemble.Read more info complete my programming homework

Going to a community college for two years and then transferring saves a lot of money. However you have to be dedicated to your education if you decide to go to a two year college first. First of all, you are not paying that much money for your classes at the two year college, therefore you are more likely to drop classes. Another problem that many students have is that they are stuck in the "community college rut." I consider these as students who spend more than 3 years at a college. I know many people who are in their ninth year at a community college. They feel that they are not "ready" to transfer yet, or they simply continue to drop classes when the going gets tough. Like them I had those same thoughts and convictions, leading me to spend 4 years in college before transferring. I regret having those thoughts; it only hindered my improvement and education.

So to summarize, decide your major, finish your IGETC, and find out what the application requirements are for the university you are transferring to. Grasping and completing these three things will give you an upper hand when transferring to a California university.

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